Students have to work three, five, or seven years to complete their PhD studies, but often forget why they had started doing it.
BeyondPhd is about career management in the academic sphere and beyond.

This progam is about how to
– organize your research as a project
– enhance productivity, but decrease stress and anxiety
– be better organizing time, space, and even thoughts
– develop your research method and simplify the process to avoid unnecessary steps they would otherwise take.

You may
– learn how to motivate yourself
– improve communication with supervisor and science community
– learn to ask good and productive questions
– be better in giving feedback to each other and thus learn an assertive way to communicate
– learn in practice presentation and self-representation skills and communicate effectively

Improve career management skills. Step out of everyday life to learn new things about it, and sometimes laugh at it. Learn how to be a responsible literate who works not only for the ivory tower, but the broader society.

To learn new things about something or to observe something from a new perspective is always an exciting activity whether you are an academic researcher or a Zen monk. So as a result of program you will step out of your everyday life and enjoy this game together with their peers in group.
All in all: the biggest finding of a research can be the discovering onself, the deeper self-awareness. Because there is life beyond PhD.

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