OMG! Not Training Again! stop-motion animation

OMG! Not Training Again! (2013) is an American-Hungarian stop-motion animation film. It was directed by George Ligeti, written by George Ligeti and Eszter Munkacsi. This film is inspired by the last decade in the field of organization development, based on several true stories.


The film is about a company where people really get on each other’s nerves. The boss, Anita realises that things are just not right and shares her concerns with Carl, her deputy, who is actually at the forefront of humiliating staff members.

OMG! Not Training Again! e-book

Omg! Not Training Again! e-book cover

Omg! Not Training Again! e-book cover

Why do you get cramps in the stomach when you hear the word “training”? Where does the problem stem from? Is there a difference between team building and getting sloshed? How can the latter facilitate organisation development? What difficulties can the training venue inherently present?


The is a collective of experts in organizational development and education. Its mission is to make a valuable contribute to the Central European market culture developing into an exemplary model. It aims to achieve this by being a partner to its customers:

Street art training

We completed a 2-day street-art training programme for a group in Sofia. They planned and completed a street art work in Sofia. A staircase was painted by this group in the very center of the city.

What is connection among sexting, community radio and cyberpsychology?

university brno building of social studies

university brno building of social studies

Not what, but who! 12 PhD students participated on a workshop at Masaryk University faculty of Social Studies in Brno (Czech Republic) about their thesis, research work, and life beyond academia. As a leader of this group I used several techniques which are useful on team-buliding in the business sphere. But the approch was a real zen.

“I have to know well rules in academic sphere, if I want to break through them”