OMG! Not Training Again! e-book

Omg! Not Training Again! e-book cover

Omg! Not Training Again! e-book cover

Why do you get cramps in the stomach when you hear the word “training”? Where does the problem stem from? Is there a difference between team building and getting sloshed? How can the latter facilitate organisation development? What difficulties can the training venue inherently present?

What are the responsibilities of the organisation leader and the trainer? Why do we form a circle during discussion? How can training contribute to the business success of a company? And how can it not? There are the questions the book intends to answer.

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The book is made up of 5 chapters:

Chapter 1 OMG!

omg book chapter "omg"

omg book chapter “omg”

What makes a great idea turn into a lousy outcome? Instead of using the stigmatic words of “good” and “bad”, this part describes the possible reasons why training sessions may miscarry or even backfire.


Chapter 2 Hurray!

omg book chapter "hurray!"

omg book chapter “hurray!”

How are training sessions developed, ordered by the client, conducted by the trainers, and what makes training courses better over conventional classroom presentations? This part looks at organisation development as an alternative to conventional learning procedures.



Chapter 3 Profit

omg book chapter "profit"

omg book chapter “profit”

How can training help increase your business profits? How does training affect your entire organisation and your business? How can you build a development programme that enables profit-oriented businesses or NGOs to come closer to their goals? All in all: human being do it all.


Chapter 4 Humanity

omg book chapter "humanity"

omg book chapter “humanity”

How can training help you build a humane workplace? Company leaders often have to decide whether to build a pleasant and humane work environment or and effective one. How can training help make these two factors complementary? Again: human being do it all.


Chapter 5 Music Training

Read this chapter for free in PDF format.

omg book chapter "music training"

omg book chapter “music training”

How can artistic creative work and the desire to increase company profits be connected? How does workplace atmosphere affect competitiveness? What skills can training, in which the participants compose and perform a musical production, develop?