The HumanRobot.biz is a collective of experts in organizational development and education. Its mission is to make a valuable contribute to the Central European market culture developing into an exemplary model. It aims to achieve this by being a partner to its customers:

– by developing company organization, HumanRobot.biz contributes to the improvement of measurable business performance
– to the development of a more humane workplace.

Its vision is to exponentially increase bilateral intellectual exchange between Central European and international (primarily American, Scandinavian and japanese) academic fields. It knows and can see that the CE region has something to export in terms of business culture, but there are many valuable elements that are worth importing.

Its main strength is organization research, which

– is independent, thus provides clear outlook on main challenges of company
– considers business and broader social and economic conditions
– uses not only quantitative (survey), but interview, observation and experimental / on-the-job analysis as well.

In terms of methodology, it combines personal, group and organization-level developmental work with visuality (film, stop-motion animation). A Zen-Buddhist approach to things is just as close to its heart as that based on western, critical scientific (mainly economic and social psychological) achievements. Representative of the HumanRobot.biz collective: George Ligeti PhD.