OMG! Not Training Again! stop-motion animation

OMG! Not Training Again! (2013) is an American-Hungarian stop-motion animation film. It was directed by George Ligeti, written by George Ligeti and Eszter Munkacsi. This film is inspired by the last decade in the field of organization development, based on several true stories.


The film is about a company where people really get on each other’s nerves. The boss, Anita realises that things are just not right and shares her concerns with Carl, her deputy, who is actually at the forefront of humiliating staff members. Their late-night discussion is overheard by Ivan, the security guard, who is taking his routine night-time stroll around the building, and he suggests that they ask for professional help and employ a trainer to work out ways to resolve company issues.

At first Carl objects, but then he realises that a team-building programme might just provide the perfect setting for him to realise one of his long-cherished dreams concerning one of the office girls. His hopes are somewhat cooled off when he is told by Anita that the team-building will not take the staff on white-water rafting and not even on a two-day getaway, but will see them in the office on Friday during office hours.

In the pre-training discussion with the managers, the trainer learns very little about the problems the company is having, or about the expectations he should be meeting; all he is told that the training session will be on Friday. A list is drawn up containing the names of people required to attend and no consideration is given to personal circumstances, workload, or deadlines. As it turns out, Friday is the deadline for a very important work assignment.

During the course of team building, the trainer is not at the height of his career; the continuous buzzing of the people which provides the background noise to the trainer’s delivery is only interrupted by Carl who barges in late. The participants try to suppress their bewilderment and disinterest in humour.

At the end of the day, Anita asks Ivan about the training. Ivan does not say anything; instead he shows her the images taken by the security camera. At the end of the film everyone gets what they deserve just like in real life or in the real business world.


The characters and scene are made of paper and pen drawings. The makers wanted to use the simplest of forms and motions and used only three colours (black, white and red) except for the blue of the sky that appears through the window at times. Parts of the movie have also been produced in 3D digital format; the script was written in 2011, and the shooting took place in 2012. An OLYMPUS Digital PEN-1 and three lamps were used in the entire production to produce the imagery.
The original version of the movie is 12 min. Filmmakers would like to say thanks for Pal Varsanyi.


Directed by George Ligeti
Written by George Ligeti, Eszter Munkacsi
Music by littner
Studio & quantum leap consulting llc.
Release date(s) Jun 14. 2013
Running time 5 min 10 sec
Country United States, Hungary
Language English, Hungarian subtitle
Budget 1,500 USD
Box office creative common