coaching and consulting for business leaders

for business companies
for governmental institutions
corporate social responsibility (CSR) programmes
for schools and non-profits

digital publications

at universities


as associate professor at universities
at Semmelweis University
at Universität Wien (Vienna)
at Kurt Lewin Foundation
ADDITIONAL INFO (Interests, honors and awards, organization membership, organizations he supports)


for business companies

2014–2018: McDonald’s
– organizational diagnosis
– trainings, coaching, on-the-job services for board members (2014-2020) and franchise partners
– organizational research programme in the restaurants

2018 – 2020: Eisberg Hungary Ltd.
– trainings for board members

2018: Tungsram Group
– sales and project management training

2017 – 2018: T-Systems Hungary
– sales trainings – in English, with Horvath Consulting Kft.
– several training for managers and leaders

2017: Attrecto (a digital company with 40 employees)
– sales trainings – with Horvath Consulting Kft.
– trainings on process management
– communication trainings
– business strategy adaptaion.

2017: DDB Hungary (an international marketing agency)
– trainings (conflict resolution, improvement of cooperation)

2014–2016: MÁV SZK (a Shared Service Center – with 2000 employees)
– organizational diagnosis
– trainings, coaching, on-the-job services for board members and managers

2014: Microsec
(an IT company which provides service to fulfil secure and convenient electronic administration – with 60 employees)
– organizational diagnosis
– training for leaders

2013: MÁV (Hungarian Railways Co. with 36,000 employees)
development programmes, team-buildings and organizational research for top-level managers (CEO, CFO) – 22 persons

2013: MÁV Informatika
organizational research and team-building for top-level leaders – 30 persons

2011 – 2012: Raaberbahn
CEO, top- and middle-level manager development programmes (launch of kaizen, total quality management) workshops, training, personal coaching
organizational research at whole verticum of company

2011 – 2013: Pannon Kincstár School
organizational research
business planning
workshops, training, personal coaching
develop of franchise culture
launch of new process management system

July 2011: Nokia
“James Bond” outdoor trainings

from 2010 Music Trainings for

  • Schibsted Hungary
  • Canon Europe
  • Itelligence (an IT-company with 80 employees)
  • Magyar Telekom
  • whole organization of Hoffmann Research International and TNS
  • CEO and top-level managers of Erste Leasing Zrt.

2008, 2011 – 2012 4KIDS Ltd. (
Team Building for the management
launch of kaizen method

2009 – 2010 Alstom Hungary
complex organization development programmes, coaching, training, organisational audit

2007 Magyar Telekom Group
social responsibility and project cooperation
in- and outdoor training for the accounting department

corporate social responsibility (CSR) programmes

2009 Spar
organizational audit
responsible donorship programmes

2008 – 2009 Raiffeisen Bank
responsible funding programme
csr communication programme
social investment programmes

2008 DM Drogerie Markt
organizational audit
responsible donorship programmes

2008 CAFÉ PR
organizational audit and training

2007 Magyar Telekom
organizational audit and trainings
consulting for communication and digital programmes

2007 Dreher SABMiller
organizational audit
inner communication programme

2007 E.On
organizational audit
donorship programme
research on csr communication

2006 Deloitte
organizational audit and consulting for donorship

for governmental institutions

2010 – 2012 United Healthcare and Welfare Institutes (Győr)
executive training for the top-level managers
strategic planning for CEO and top-level managers
launch of new strategy for middle-level manager
organizational research

2011 University of Győr
project methodology training for lecturers and leaders of department social sciences

2011: Ombudsman Educational Rights
strategic planning programme

2007: MTV “Kultúrház” TV programme
strategic planning for the editors and leaders

for schools and non-profits

2019 – 2020
“Kalandok és Álmok” (pedagogical team of experts)
– organizational diagnosis
– trainings, on-the-job services for board members and managers
– coaching

Ronald McDonald House Chapter, Hungary
– organizational diagnosis
– trainings, coaching, on-the-job services for board members and managers

“Leadership Training Program for Migrant NGOs”
organized by “Subjective Values Foundation”


“Art Training” (watch this 2:45 youtube video)
for “Altalap Alternatíva Alapítvány” and NGO for sex-workers and decreasing the maleficence of drugs.


Traings against burning out for teachers and social workers in the Orphanage at Kecskemét City.


Democracy Trainings for secondary school teachers in the city of Miskolc with Pädagogische Hochschule Zürich.


Special trainings for disadvantaged people in the ghetto at Pécs City (Hungary) at “György-telep” with experts of Kurt Lewin Foundation.

conflict resolution and strategic planning for the Association for the Rehabilitation of Hearing-impaired
project management for Blue Point.

Strategic Planning for the CEO and the staff of the Association of Nonprofit Human Services of Hungary

methodological training for the Berzsenyi Dániel Grammar-School

Communication in the School 30-hour teacher further training in vocational schools of Záhony, and Hódmezővásárhely

Project Culture in Teaching 30-huor teacher further training for the teaching staff of the Békéscsaba Esély (Chance) Special Vocational School

Strategic planning for the teaching staff of the Pécs Radnóti Miklós Secondary School of Economics.
Developing team cooperation. Indoor training for the teachers of the Pécs Angster József Vocational.

Strategic planning for Berzsenyi Dániel Grammar-School (Budapest)
Developing the culture of workplace cooperation: IV. Béla Elementary (Járdánháza, Borsod county), Erzsébethely Elementary (Békéscsaba)
Communication Training for the teachers and managers of the Járdánháza IV. Béla Elementary.
Conflict management, school legislation for the teaching staff and managers of the Hosszúpályi Irinyi János Elementary.

two-day intensive development training for Blue Point non-profit organization

Developing Project Cooperation. Training for the presidents of ELTE’s Student unions.
Making Consensus and Rules. Training for parents and teachers (organised by the Gordon Association and the Comenius Workshop)
Impacts of professional organisations working with student unions, student rights on school/boarding school life, the enforcement of student rights. Foundation for the Development of Public Life of Young Adults (IKF Foundation)
Training series on strategic planning and tender writing for NGOs (Budapest, Baranya, Hajdú-Bihar county)

Democracy, leadership, cooperation. Two-day training for the teaching staff of the Nádudvar Folk Crafts Vocational.
Moral, legal, and political socialisation. As part of the training series on Developing Calls Teacher Competencies (accredited teacher further training programme organised by the Hajdú-Bihar County Pedagogy Institute)

School rights and democracy. Organised by the Ministry of Education.



Droidok? [Are they droids?] 298 pp. (a book about humanistic organization culture for better employer branding)

OMG! Not Training Again! 220 pp.

CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility. Kurt Lewin Foundation, Budapest, 230 pp.

Methodology. Researching social phenomena. (co-author: Gábor Héra). Osiris Kiadó, Budapest, 371 pp.

Kindler (School, Democracy, Civilisation). Új Mandátum Kiadó, Budapest, 270 pp.

Who are they – The Problem of a Scientific approach. In: Forray, R. K. – Mohácsi, E. [ed.]: Opportunities and Limits. (The Roma Community in Hungary at the Millennium.) Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Budapest.

Cigány Népismereti Tankönyv 7–10. (Introduction to Roma People (course book)) Konsept-H Kiadó, Budapest, 170 pp. (Awarded first prize in a closed competition by the Ministry of Education)

Fundamentals of Sociology (An Introduction to Sociology). Comenius Kiadó, Pécs, 252 pp. (co-author: János Girán)

All is Different. Új Mandátum Kiadó, Budapest, 200 pp. (co-authors: Anikó Csáki, Klára Czike, Adél Rózsavölgyi, and Adrienn Csizmady)

Cigányság; (Being Roma) (Körtánc Füzetek); co-author: Ilona Varga


2013 – 2018
Several newspaper articles for Forbes Magazine, HR-portal and “Mindennapi Pszichológia” [Everyday Psychology] on organizational culture.

2011 – 2013
Various blog posts on the subject of organization and enterprise development

Conflict management és Prevention in Education. In: Borbíró–Kerezsi [ed.]: Handbook of Criminal Policy and Prevention. Ministry of Justice and Law Enforcement, Budapest, p: 415–429.

György Ligeti, Ágnes Oravecz (2009): CSR Communication of Corporate Enterprises in Hungary. Journal of Business Ethics, January 2009, Volume 84, Issue 2, pp 137-149 read abstract

What can be improved by self-reflection? Taní-Tani Alternative Journal of Teaching 13 (44): 41–51.

Legal Deffence. Civil Review 5 (1–2): 173–189.

CSR – an Eastern-European comparative study. Eastern-European Studies (Institute for World Economics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences) 1 (2): 81–112. (with others)

Minorities and Migrants in the Media. Médiakutató 8 (3): 27–40. (Media Researcher)
On Social Responsibility Civil Szemle 4(1): 3–18. (Civil Review)

August 2006: Right-Wing Extremism in Hungary. In: Rieker, Peter – Glaser, Michaela, Schuster, Silke [szerk.] (2006): Prevention of Right-Wing Extremism, Xenophobia and Racism in European Perspective. Deutsches Jugendinstitut, Halle. read abstract

September 2006: Stereotypes and Prejudice. In Kolosi – Tóth – Vukovich: Social report 2006. TÁRKI, Budapest, p: 370–389.

June 2006: School Aggression. Megyei Pedagógiai Körkép, Veszprém, Vol. XXXVI. Issue No. 2, p: 11–16.

May 2006. Minorities in the Hungarian Media. In: Bauer, Thomas A. – Vujovic, Oliver: Media and Minorities in South East Europe. SEEMO (South East Europe Media Organisation) Wien. read abstract

May 2006: The Social Supply System on the Threshold of Information Society.
Summary of a national social research project. eVilág, Vol. V. Issue No. 5., p: 14–17. (co-author: Gábor Héra)
April 2006: Citizens of a Constitutional State. The latest research outcomes on teenagers. Új Pedagógiai Szemle, Issue No. 4, p: 3–14.

November 2005: Another brick in the wall? Putting freedom and democracy on the curriculum in Hungarian schools. (Europe’s Journal of Psychology. Vol. 1, No. 4. November 2005; ISSN 1841-0413)
2005. Nation Views and Youth Policies. In: Pál Tamás – Tímea Tibori [ed.] Új Mandátum Publishers – MTA SZKI.
April-May-June 2005: Introduction to Mentorship Pedagogy I–III. (Új Pedagógiai Szemle)

2004. Attention in Schools. (co-author: Borbála Fellegi) Új Ifjúsági Szemle, Vol. 3.
October 2004: When the Child is Roma. (Taní-tani Alternative School Journal, Vol. 30–31.; pp: 87–96.) co-author: Borbála Fellegi
20 September 2004: Learning Each Other. (Népszabadság, Forum column)
12 March 2004. Europe: that is we are! (Népszabadság, Forum column)
March 2004: El aire urbano nos hace sentir libres – Vida urbana en Hungría (La Esquina Regional Nr. 8. / Bogotá – Colombia) The Urban Air Makes You Free (A városi levegő szabaddá tesz – Városi élet Magyarországon) (Translated: Márkus Tamás)
January 2004: Democracy in a Virtual City (Demokrácia egy virtuális városban.) (Új Pedagógiai Szemle, p: 111-113.)
8 January 2004: Sparrows and Larks (Verebek és pacsirták) (Magyar Hírlap)

14 October 2003: Violence in the School (Erőszak az iskolában) (Népszabadság, p: 16. Fórum rovat)
1 May 2004: XENO.HU (a booklet for students in topic of racism and xenophobia) 48 pp.
March 2003: Parents and the School (Esély, 2003/1. p: 46–56.) co-author: Izabella Márton
8 January 2003: Whip, pillory – dialogue (Népszabadság, Forum column, p: 12.)

December 2002: Roma ont he Information Highway and the Chores of Civilisation. (Médiakönyv – Facts and Doctrine – I. p: 389–394.)
January 2002: Socially Handicapped University Students (Esély, 2002/1.)
January 2002: Devotion – Violation of Rights at School. (Kritika, 2002/1.)
July 2001: Training Tolerance (In: Szekszárdi Julianna [ed.]: Manual for Form Teachers. Dinasztia Könyvkiadó, Budapest, 2001.)

June 2001: Gaps: Reality and Legality in the Secondary School (Esély, 2001/3.)
June 2001: Peach Theft (Belügyi Szemle 2001/6.)

December 2000: Conflict and Rule Making (Új Pedagógiai Szemle, 2000/12.)
December 2000: What can the School Do? (Iskolakultúra, 2000/12. p: 16–26.)
October-December 2000: Socialisation of Democratic Citizens (Magyar felsőoktatás, 2000/10–12.)
September 2000: Values and Interests – The Conveyance of Values in Hungarian Secondary Schools Today (Esély, 2000/4.)
September 2000: Hazing (Kritika, p: 18-21.)
April 2000: Preparing for Democracy at the Collegium Martineum (Esély 2000/2.) co-author: József Báder

November 1999: „Does Anyone Like Gypsies?” (Kritika) co-author: József Báder
September – October 1999: Does Central-Europe Really Exist? (Magyar Felsőoktatás, 9–10.)
June 1999: Information = Integration (Belügyi Szemle, 1999/7–8.)
May 1999: Socialisation of Democratic Citizens (Magyar Felsőoktatás, 1999/5.)
June – September 1998: Various articles on capital punishment, social study, the Roma, child protection (Népszabadság, SuliNET column);
May 1998: Sheer Benevolence – a critique of a course book in Magyar Narancs;
November 1997: Roma People on the Information Super-Highway (Háló)
January 1997: Introduction of Minorities through the Means of Informatics (thesis);
1994–1995: short articles in Alaplap.

digital publications

2004 Peoples and Cultures (the Roma people); European Studies (grades 7–12). Sulinet Digital Knowledge Base – content coordinator. (co-authors Balázs Pető and Olivio Cakebaly).

2000–2001 SzocHáló (Socio-Net) – founder of social science on-line (

1997–2009 RomaPage – founder and chief editor of the website for the Roma people of Hungary (

September 1999 Interactive social study CD-ROM (Nemzeti Tankönyvkiadó)

November 1996 Introduction into the Culture of Hungarian Gipsies [ed.] CD-ROM; (Műszaki Könyvkiadó)

In 2004 these two CD-ROMs were given the Comenius EuroMedia Special Award founded by the Gesellschaft für Pedagogik und Information e. V.


at universities

2016 – 2017: “Refugees in Media” (a research seminar for MA students at ELTE Department of Media and Communicaton)

from 2015: seminars and workshops for MA students at Masaryk University (Brno, Czech Republic) on social inclusion.

2014: workshop, training and personal development for PhD students at Univeristy of Milan (supported by Segreteria L.A.S.E.R. – Lombardy Advanced School of Economic Research) at Department of Economics, Management and Quantitative Methods

2011 – 2013: course lecturer for the Masaryk University (thesis support, labour market workshops, research methodology) for PhD students (Brno, Czech Republic) learn more at BeyondPhD

2010 – 2011: lecturer at the Győr Széchenyi István University, Social Worker Department; different courses (Economy and Community, Social Work with Children with Special Educational Needs)

2008 – 2013: senior lecturer at the CSR faculty of the Budapest College of Communication, Business and Arts

2008: assistant professor, elected head of department of the Semmelweis University Institute of Sociology of the Department of Health Sciences

2007: lecturer at doctoral school at University of ELTE and Corvinus University (Budapest)

2006–2008: researcher and lecturer at University of Vienna, Institute for Communication Science (Vienna, Austria)

1997 – 2007: researcher and seminars at University of ELTE Faculty of Social Sciences (Budapest, Hungary)

1999: guest lecturer at JPTE Department of Sociology (Pécs, Hungary)


1999: class-teacher at the Collegium Martineum (school for disadvantaged students)
1997: founder and teacher of Józsefváros After-school

1997–2003: course leader and educator of a university-entry preparatory course organised jointly by the Alliance of Social Professionals and the Kurt Lewin Foundation for young disadvantaged and orphan students without families

1991–1995: grammar-school teacher (Széchenyi István Grammar-School, Budapest)



As organization developer his strenght is research at companies and other organizations.

from 2011: Organisational Culture of Large Enterprises, SMEs, and Municipal Institutions. Questionnaire, interview and interview-based data survey, participant observation

as associate professor at universities

at Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest

2007: Organizational study at several Hungarian Big Companies and Multinational Corporations (participant and leader) Magyar Telekom, Drogerie Markt, Deloitte Magyarország, Café Pr Kft., Egyszervolt Kft.

2006: On the labour market with graduation in social science(s). The study was done by the co-finance of the European Union. [fundraiser and conception, participant]

2005: Children rights and tolerance. Representative questionnaire survey among secondary-school students as part of the international data survey carried out by the International School Psychology Association among many.

2005: The Handicapped in Tertiary Education. (by appointment of the Office of the Commissioner for Educational Rights)

2004: Research on Moral Socialization of Adolescents. Representative survey; (Project-leaders: Júlia Szekszárdi – Attila Horváth H., Univ. Veszprém). (Project Number: 10546-061)

2003: Disadvantaged Students in the Public Education System. A representative nationwide research based on survey, interviews and observation. (ordered by Ministry of Education) – the leader of research project

2002: Monoszló–2001. Survey Research in a Village (Project-leader: Zsuzsa Ferge); ordered by Hungarian Academy of Sciences

2000 – 2001: Parents’, Students’, Teachers’ Rights in Public Education – nationwide sociology research (ordered by the Office of the Commissioner for Educational Rights)

1999–2000: Research leader of the study on the Socialisation of Democratic Citizens

1998: Participant of village research led by Zsuzsa Ferge with the aim of surveying the social circumstances of large families

1998: Participant in a comparative impact study (school research) led by György Csepeli – Antal Örkény – Mária Székelyi

at Semmelweis University

2008: Health and Social Care for Migrants and Minorities (participant) in COST programme (oc-2010-2-8291, COST)

at Universität Wien (Vienna)

2007: CSR in Austria. In cooperation with the University of Vienna. (UE-KFOR 220405)

2007: Migrants and Minorities in Media – comparative international qualitative study (principal investigator)

at Kurt Lewin Foundation

2009: The Bottleneck in the Conveyance of Competences in Vocational Training. Research supported by the Education Public Foundation’s Priority Sociology Research subcommittee. Participant (Research coordinator: Gábor Héra)

2007: Corporate Social Responsibility; preparation of quantitative indicators. (appointed by: the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour)

2005: Comparative analysis on Roma, Sinti, Gypsies and Travellers in public education. (Ordered by European Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia (EUMC))

2004–2005: Demands and Needs; The Social Supply System on the Threshold of Information Society. (appointed by: the Ministry of Youth, Family, Social Affairs, and Equal Opportunities, research coordinator: Gábor Héra)

2004: Minority Self-Governments and Informatics. Monitoring on commission by the Ministry of Informatics and Communications; fundraiser and conception (research coordinator: Gábor Héra)

2001: Knowledge of and Attitudes Towards the Visergád Four in Hungary – analysis of the Hungarian data (client: the Visegrád Fund)


international conferences

29 October 2012 Lifelong Learning for Ethnicval Minorities, Paris (FRANCE)
– independent conference-presentation

17 May 2010 „Cod etic pentru prevenirea discriminării”, Balassi Institute, Bucharest (ROMANIA)
– independent conference-presentation for preventing ethnic discrimination

19–21 June 2008 “Power Relations in and around Corporations” conference: European Business Ethics Network, Lille (FRANCE)
– CSR Communication of Corporate Enterprises. Independent conference-presentation

11–12 March 2008 “The State and the ‘Others’ – Reacting
to Xenophobia!” conference: University of Leipzig, Department of Political Science (GERMANY)
– Renaissance and postmodern blooming of right-wing extremism in Hungary (independent conference-presentation)

29 June 2007 Life in Motion postgraduate conference, Faculty of Social Studies, Masaryk University, Brno (CZECH REPUBLIC)
– „Money and Space” panel chair, and Corporate Social Responsibility and its Background: Institutional Culture and Governance

22 June 2007 European Business Ethics Network conference, University Bergamo (ITALY)
– “Ethical Investment in Transitional Hungary”. Presentation, Finance & Society in Ethical Perspective.

17 May 2007 Plenary presentation. Responsibility and success – employees and clients conference. Organized by the Nadacia Pontis, Bratislava (SLOVAKIA)
– Experience, opportunities and challenges in Hungary

10 October 2006 Aktionswoche – Soziale Innovation, Vienna. Organised by the ZSI- Zentrum für Soziale Innovation and SozialMarie. (AUSTRIA)
– Who Are the Multiplicators of Democracy? (presentation)

7–10 September 2005 European Conference on Educational Research (ECER), Dublin (IRELAND)
– Hazing in Schools (Conflict Management and Bullying in Hungarian Secondary Schools). (Conference presentation)

April 2000 World Bank Conference, First European and Central Asian Regional NGO Assembly, Vilnius (LITHUANIA)
– Panel participant

April 1999 Roma research conference with the participation of Hungarian, French, and British anthropologists and sociologists. Paris. (FRANCE)
– Lecturer

21-24 June 1998 World Congress on Information Technology. George Mason University, Washington. (USA)
– member of the Hungarian delegation commissioned by the Ministry of Education (participant).


25 April 2008 Opportunities in the School: through the eyeglass of the sociologist. Plenary lecture delivered at the National Professional Conference on Opportunities and Ways organised by the Békéscsaba Chance Pedagogical Centre.

11 October 2007 The sample is sitting there, disciplined, IN OTHER WORDS Images and catchphrases in school bias studies. (Independent presentation) Conference on Education and Prejudice organised by the Education Sociology Department of the Hungarian Sociology Association and the Education Sociology Sub-Committee of the Pedagogy Committee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

17 May 2007 Media as a Responsible Corporation? What is Presented on the Screen and what is behind it? Plenary presentation, Média Hungary, Tihany.

17 April 2007 CSR in Practice – Research Experiences. CSR conference, Develor – Budapest Business Journal, Budapest.

5 March 2007 “Equal Opportunities for All” European Year, 2007. panel-chair.

22 January 2007 The Pedagogy of Social Responsibility. Every Child (Minden Gyerek) Conference. Plenary presentation and panel chair.

25 October 2006 The Chances of Equal Opportunities. Plenary presentation. (Debrecen).

25 September 2006 Mentor Pedagogy. Civicus International Conference, organised by the University of Debrecen.

2 April 2006 Community Advertisement – from a Business Perspective. Plenary presentation (Kamera Hungária, Pécs)

31 March 2006 Roma integration. Research, Development, Experience. Plenary presentation (Faculty of Elementary and Nursery School Teacher Training of the Eötvös Loránd University)

21 March 2006 Student Rights and Educating for Democratic Vales. Plenary presentation (Veszprém County Institute of Pedagogy, Micro-Regional Pedagogy Days)

29 November 2005 Contribution titled IT in Everyday Professional Practice – the Experiences of a Research at the Fifth Information Society Day held by the BME-UNESCO Information Society and Trend Research Institute and the Ministry of Youth, Family, Social Affairs and Equality of Opportunities.

15 February 2005 Conference contribution on School Violence at the annual Conference of the Associations of Technical and Natural Sciences.

25 January 2005 Section contribution titled Kindler. School Segregation (All children Conference, Budapest)

7 July 2004 Plenary presentation on What is the Message from Schools organised as part of the Sixth Public Education Summer University (Szeged)

13 October 2003 Presentation on Roma in Public Education for the staff of the Ministry of Education of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

21 October 2003 Round-Table Talk on positive discrimination (participant)

30 September 2003 Presentation on School Brutality and Disadvantages at the Nation-Wide Inter-professional Conference of the Eszter Foundation

31 May 2003 Presentation on Rights in Education at a conference run by the Hungarian Pedagogical Service Institution

25–26 January 2002 Conference on The Civil Sphere and Public Education organised by the Office of the Commissioner for Educational Rights, and the Public Life Foundation, Tata (presenter section leader)

19–22 June 2000 Third National Conference for Form Masters (section leader and round-table participant)

28-30 May 1998 Informatics Conference, Balatonfüred, organised by the Soros Foundation (section presenter)


Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Sociology

Eötvös Loránd University
1997 – 2003

Country-wide and international researches on democracy, organizations, mechanism of institutions, attitudes and prejudices.

Master’s degree, Sociology

Eötvös Loránd University
1994 – 1997

Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.Sc.), Information Technology

Óbudai University (Kandó Kálmán Faculty of Electrical Engineering)
1987 – 1991

Graduation, Mathematics

Berzsenyi Dániel Gimnázium
1983 – 1987



making music, stop-motion animation, investment, quantum physics, football, zen and taoist philosophy, design, japanese language

Honors and awards

Erasmus Euromedia Awards for 1perspektiva viral marketing movie (2010)
Knight’s Cross of the Republic of Hungary (2004)
Comenius Euromedia Special Award for the All is Different and the Introduction to the Culture of Hungarian Gypsies CD-ROMs (2004)

Organization and scientific membership

2007 EBEN (European Business Ethics Network)
2007 EGOS (European Group for Organizational Studies)
2007 International Development Advisor Committee (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Budapest)
2001 member of the Hungarian Sociology Association
2001 member of the Hilscher Rezső Social Policy Society

Organizations he supports

UCCU (a non-profit against racism)
Fészek Színház (Feszek Theater) an art collective which promotes children in theatre pedagogy
Ferencvárosi Közösségi Alapítvány (Ferencváros Community Foundation) an NGO for education in the ghetto of Budapest
Tilos Rádió a non-profit radio channel
Alternatíva Alapítvány an NGO for people with HIV
Digitális Tudás Akadémia a non-profit promoting digital literacy and prtection against childrens’ abuse