Beyond PhD

A course for PhD students who want to become more effective in completing dissertation. Participants break down their grand plan into smaller and achievable milestones. Being member of this group, individuals are given feedback in an open and accepting environment, and everyone will be shown why and how to complete their academic writing.


– to provide an opportunity for continuous discussion and feedback
– to improve participants’ writing skills
– to give an outlook on the labor market and develop soft skills for better integration


This course is based on classroom situations and assignments. Focus is on individual progress in a group context. The philosophical approach: the knowledge of and efforts made by a group exert multiple effects. Feedback can only exist within a community of people. Ligeti gained experience in team building, group dynamics in several companies as organization developer; he applies the following methods:
– interactive training methods
– sub-group learning and presentation
– personal coaching – held between classroom sessions.


This is a 1-semester course, held once a month for 1 days; 6 teaching hours / day. There are 24 teaching hours / semester in class room situation. Assignment: 1 ½ hour / week. Total: 4 x 45 min / week.

Each participant has the opportunity to participate in personal consultation (coaching) held between classroom sessions: 45 min once in a month (using skype or Google talk)

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